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Review Published on Ounsworth’s “Joshua Typology in NT”

Joshua Typology in the New TestamentMy review of Richard Ounsworth’s published dissertation (WUNT II series) has been published in WTJ 76.1. For the full PDF, click here. I enjoyed reading this work and found it a helpful addition to studies on typology in the NT. Contrary to the implication of its name, the book only treats three sections in Hebrews and looks at the relationship between Joshua and Jesus (whose Greek name is the same). He relates the spatial relationship of entering the land with the relationship of entering the heavenly tabernacle, thus uniting the horizontal and vertical spatial imagery in the letter, which also unites the seemingly disparate ideas of Jesus as an antitypical Joshua and a great High Priest. Both ideas are also, of course, related to the wilderness and tabernacle setting, with the Day of Atonement highlighting the High Priest. I found Ounsworth’s work helpful in many respects, and the critiques I make relate mainly to his audience-centered hermeneutic, which I found a bit problematic (I’d be happy to hear his responses if he were to see the review – I know this is becoming a popular view nowadays). Many thanks to Richard for his fine contribution to the study of Hebrews.


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