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Articles on Martin Hengel’s Life and Work

I found this paragraph in a post by Wayne Coppins:

For further reflections on Martin Hengel’s life and work, see esp. my translation of his essay “A Young Theological Discipline in Crisis” in Earliest Christian History (cf. e.g., Larry Hurtado 1 and Michael Bird) and Roland Deines’ heavily documented essay in this same volume. See also e.g. Roland DeinesJohn DicksonLarry Hurtado 2David NeffDaniel B. Wallaceand The Telegraph.

Check these out, especially the ones with personal stories about students and professors dining with Hengel at his home, which I had heard previously he was famous for. I was also astounded by his grasp of the primary literature languages, which, according to one of these accounts, is what he generally read the primary sources in (Latin, Greek, and whatever else).

The full article by Wayne regards German translation issues, http://wmcoppins.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/always-choose-the-stronger-word-and-beware-of-false-friends-a-translators-memories-of-martin-hengel-1926-2009-and-john-bowden-1935-2010/ , but I wanted to share the links he had on there as I found them enlightening.


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